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Oscar Garcia Co-Presents Embry-Riddle Mini-MBA Session

February 2022

Oscar Garcia Co-Presents Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Mini-MBA Session on "Sustainability in Aviation and Space” Led by Anke Arnaud, Ph.D. Professor of Management

Department of Management, Marketing, and Operations

O'Maley College of Business Daytona Beach Campus

"Dear Oscar, thank you very much for taking part in the Mini-MBA session. Your insightful, thoughtful comments and questions added such value to the session! Student feedback has been very positive. It was called a “fabulous session.”

-- Anke Arnaud, PhD


The Mini MBA certificate in Aviation & Aerospace Management concentrates a practical foundation of business administration concepts into a 30-hour certificate program, meeting virtually one evening per week for 10 weeks. Offering insight into aviation and aerospace management, the program serves as a toolkit for professional growth and development. You will complete the Mini MBA program with a new understanding of the Business of Flight and business tools you can immediately apply in your organization.

Each topic will feature high quality mini-lectures, with significant participant interaction, taught by O'Maley College of Business faculty experts. To further learning, classes also feature industry executives ensuring that actionable takeaways can be applied to real workplace issues.


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