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What We Do

We solve complex aviation and aerospace business problems. We relish a challenge. We help our clients define, structure, produce, execute and profit from effective strategic, feasibility, business, marketing and financial plans.


IFG’s input and services result in our clients’ enterprises, whether public, private or hybrid, to grow profitably and add significant equity growth and market value gains.


InterFlight Global (IFG) is a world leading commercial air and space transportation industries advisory, consulting, brokerage and finance firm. Based in the United States, it was founded in 1992 by Oscar S. Garcia, our Chairman and CEO.


Complex projects demand uniquely designed expert advice
and start-to-finish execution oversight. We are by your side through project definition, feasibility study, strategic design, business planning and execution. Together, we will transform business objectives, intuition, experience, and vision into flawlessly executed enterprises.

Our services seamlessly conform to your project’s timelines and budgets. Stage by stage, success by success, result by result, our well-planned milestones will exceed your expectations every time. The return on your investment starts with our pre-structured advisory and consulting services. IFG’s proprietary services deliver experience, success-proven, expert insight and solutions. Our processes took us decades to refine, and your project immediately reaps the benefits of that evolution.

Do you want to experience the expertise of InterFlight Global for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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