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We are driven by our endless pursuit of excellence.

We strive to provide masterful solutions to the most complex aerospace industry challenges. 



Avionics Engineering


Board Advisory Services

Our expert renowned Board Advisory Services (BAS) are meant to enhance your business-making at its highest governance and managerial levels across all its critical dimensions.


IFG's industry leading advisors and senior executives will deliver decades of industry relevant experience, boosting profitability and enhancing equity. Our focused goal is to improve your critical paths and choices, including key strategic, financial, operational and investment decisions.


Business Consulting Review

The Business Consulting Review (BCR)'s intellectual property analysis tools, comprehensive deliverables, and profit-making solutions are industry leading in the consulting field.


Our BCR yields significant and timely efficiencies, equity gains and measurable profits. We have decades of experience and will enhance your critical path choices and feasibility, as we have done for aviation, aerospace, defense and space clients worldwide, from startup operations to multi-national conglomerates.

Airplane Engine


Consultative Brokerage

Leverage IFG's expertise and linked-in industry wide resources to optimize your investment projects, eliminate learning curves and minimize risk.


Whether you wish to purchase an aircraft, and aerospace business, airline overall or any other industry related asset or service, we will be there to represent your interests. We will work for you exclusively, manage complex transactions and always add value to your investment well in excess of your investment.​


Aerospace and Aviation Finance

Whether you are entering, expanding, exiting, or investigating aerospace and aviation investment opportunities, you should rely on a trusted expert and, most importantly, an objective, “independent” partner for the best investment strategy and arrangement - just like you do when managing your wealth, investments and businesses in any other industry.

We will take you into this exclusive world, and show you all asset choices and classes, investment alternatives and tailored solutions to your aerospace and aviation requirements and interests.



Integrated Communications Services

The IMaCS (Integrated Marketing and Communications Services) is IFG's proprietary communications tool to help aerospace businesses grow, sell, brand and communicate effectively, to achieve superior commercial results.

In one of the most specific and demanding industries, it is important that the right image and visibility is conveyed to what the specific market requires. From marketing strategy to media planning, PR and C-suite presentation support, we offer a seamless approach.



Air Transportation

  • Commercial aviation

  • General aviation

  • Project/program research and business development

  • Airlines

  • Airports

  • Special mission airliners and operators

  • Government agencies

  • Finance, insurance and legal reviews


We are a very unique consulting firm. We provide expertise and problem solving at the convergence of air and space transportation. 

We provide world leading expertise, consulting and advisory solutions in the emerging and fast growing high speed flight and aerospace transportation industry segment. 


Space Transportation

  • High speed flight

  • Spaceports

  • Space corridors development

  • Point-to-point transportation

  • Suborbital vehicles technology research, development and funding

  • Commercial aerospace ports, experimental and point to point transportation infrastructure




Download our brochure, and please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you.

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