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Midland Development Corporation extends deal with InterFlight Global

February 2023

The agreement will continue the relationship between the two sides after a fruitful 2022. Author: Jason Freund

Published: 10:23 PM CST February 6, 2023

Updated: 10:23 PM CST February 6, 2023

MIDLAND, Texas — Monday's bi-weekly Midland Development Corporation meeting saw an agreement reached regarding a contract with InterFlight Global.

Officially titled a "consultant services agreement," the amount of money will not exceed $159,500 for any services provided by InterFlight Global.

"The Midland Development Corporation has had a long-standing relationship with InterFlight Global, as they provide consulting services towards us," said Midland Development Corporation Executive Director Sara Harris. "They help bring us together and make Midland known in the aerospace community."

InterFlight Global and MDC will be working together in order to bring new businesses to the Spaceport Business Park located near the Midland airport.

In fact, InterFlight Global has already helped bring two new businesses to the Midland Area: AST SpaceMobile and Firehawk Aerospace.

"They’ve connected us with multiple aerospace companies that are located in or have a presence in Midland, including AST SpaceMobile and Firehawk Aerospace," said Harris. "So they provide some really good industry advocacy to help us with putting on an annual aerospace workshop here in Midland."

While MDC was unable to mention any specific names regarding companies doing business in Midland, they were excited on the prospects they face heading into the new year.

One such project they are working toward is a high-speed corridor test that has already solicited interest from a wide range of companies.

“We see interest from research and development, from testing and from companies that are interested in a high-speed aerospace corridor in Midland," Harris said. "It would allow them to test a reasonable launch vehicle that would allow them to fly at very high speeds over land. We are currently looking forward to getting approval from the FAA to do this."


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