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Midland Development Corporation extends contract with InterFlight Global

February 2022

Midland Development Corporation extends contract with aerospace consulting company

Midland Development Corporation extends contract with aerospace consulting company Author: Rachel Robinson NEWSWEST 9

Published: 7:25 PM CST February 7, 2022

MIDLAND, Texas — During Midland Development Corporation's meeting Monday, one of the topics addressed was continuing to grow the Midland International Air and Space Port, particularly the business side of things. The Midland Development Corporation agreed to extend their contract another year with InterFlight Global for a little under $140,000. The goal? To continue the growth at the SpacePort Business Park. "The MDC is entering its fourth year relationship with InterFlight Global , which is an aerospace company which helps to

strengthen our pipeline of prospects for the aerospace industry in Midland," said Executive Director of MDC, Sara Harris. Since the MDC started working with InterFlight Global, two aerospace companies have set up shop by the airport, Kepler and AST. "They did help us make the introduction to those companies that are now located in Midland," said Harris.

Since last year Interflight Global has brought in quite a few companies that have shown interest. "They assisted with bringing in 24 companies that are interested in relocating to Midland or expanding here, so they're a great way to make the connection to bring those companies to Midland, then the relationships develop from

there," said Harris. Right now there are discussions going on about bringing in new companies, but so far nothing is set in stone. "We're in ongoing conversation with multiple additional companies to locate in Midland, but we haven't finalized those yet," said Harris. Even though nothing is finalized, there is plenty of room if new companies want to set up shop.

"There are no empty facilities at spaceport business park but there are about 20 acres for new buildings and new tenants so that's what we market when we bring those companies to Midland," said Harris. Which is good news for one of the fastest growing industry's. "The aerospace industry continues to grow each year as evident by public and private dollars flowing into the industry, it's a really vital part of national defense as well as transportation and innovation so, as part of the economy its only going to grow and its a great opportunity for Midland as well," said Harris.


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