Corporate Philanthropy

Charity, the Arts, and Humanities, are the core values of all of us within InterFlight Global.

“Throughout the last century, aviation and aerospace have provided mankind with the extraordinary possibilities that flight, in all its dimensions, can uniquely bring about," says Oscar S. Garcia, IFG chairman. "During this new century, it is IFG’s sincere intent to ensure that those possibilities and further progresses are driven with strong foundations of love, compassion, generosity and, why not, a good sense of humor and happiness for all."


All of us at InterFlight Global believe in making humanitarian and charitable contributions to Aviation and Aerospace “enabled” organizations worldwide. Aircraft and aerospace-associated technologies are used daily as platforms to save lives, bring spiritual messages, educate, inspire, and improve living conditions, especially in underprivileged or disaster-stricken areas.

Whether it is a Flying Hospital, air ambulance, missionary flight, or food and water cargo delivery operation, InterFlight Global and its companies financially contribute, to the best extent possible,  to support the compassionate and diligent efforts of thousands of good willed human beings worldwide. To them, we salute and honor as the true leaders and long term contributors in our industries.

IFG Proudly Donates to the Following Charities: