iMACS - Integrated Marketing & Communications Services

The aerospace industry is a multi-trillion dollar a year industry. It is one of the most rewarding industries for both specialized and outside service and product providers.


Yet, it is also one of the most specific and demanding industries, especially in regards to how marketing and commercial services should be presented and delivered to successfully sell and grow profitably.


Whether you are already established in the aerospace field, a newcomer, or a part of the peripheral aerospace industry business, you will benefit from InterFlight Global (IFG) as an expert partner, for we ensure impeccable Aerospace Integrated Marketing and Commercial Services (iMACS ).


Aerospace is our world; we understand what you need.

When you retain an IFG iMACS contract, you will get a result producing and an outsourced economic and business development executive consulting tool. This unique tool will meet and exceed your investment ROI expectations for your business activity.

iMACS is IFG’s proprietary integrated marketing and communications tool to help aerospace businesses grow, sell, brand and communicate effectively to achieve superior commercial results.


iMACS is an ultra-effective and results producing methodology that is designed to assist you in presenting your aerospace business to the world, conveying the exact image and visibility that your specific market requires.


A dedicated IFG iMACS team will work closely with both you and your business decision making and executive teams to enhance sales and return on investment in your marketing, advertising, communications and PR investments.

Aerospace Business and Economic development are delivered to you in a seamless, one stop service, including global:


  • Physical and E-Commerce strategy, planning and implementation

  • Digital branding, website and social media planning and implementation

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Public relations, spokesperson and communications support

  • Board and C-suite presentations support

  • Third party and key stakeholder’s briefings


Call us today for a free consultation and discussion of how an IFG  iMACS  can enhance your business financial and economic development.


We will swiftly and comprehensively become immersed in your business ethos, brand DNA and corporate culture, and present it to you, your investors, executives and your employees in existing and new aerospace target markets, stakeholders and industry observers, and any stakeholders that may positively affect your economic and commercial growth.


Since 1992, Aerospace expertise is our one and only field of consulting and executive services.