For every project we assemble a team of directors that fits the project at hand, based on background, experience and insight. In addition we are proud and honored to have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our own Board of Advisors.


Oscar Garcia

Oscar S. Garcia is an expert advisor and consultant in the areas of strategy, business and economic development, organizational design and industry forecasting. 

His main areas of expertise are Air Transportation, Commercial Space Industry, General & Business Aviation, Aero Marine and Special Mission Aviation. 

He is also a well sought after world leading expert in the unique Aero Marine Aviation sector.

Yvette A. Garcia is the company's comptroller and business manager with over twenty years experience supporting IFG clients and stakeholders.


She is also responsible for the company's marketing and public-corporate relations.

Managing Partner

Yvette Garcia

  • For every project and client requiring additional resources, Oscar selects an optimal cadre of associate advisory and consulting experts.

  • IFG associates are a world class global pool of experts, industry leading advisors and consultants who have been meticulously selected and most of who are long time IFG associates and Oscar's colleagues.

  • IFG senior advisor associates are industry "household name" with superior track records as Senior Executive, Board Directors, Chairs, Board Advisors to prestigious aerospace firms and successful entrepreneurs.

  • IFG consultants range from senior executives to top of class aerospace studies graduates from the best universities, such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.