IFG provides highly specialized transaction-focused consulting and advisory services to the aerospace, defense, security and space industries


IFG’s financial advisory practice and its sister investment company, IFG Capital, focus on enhancing clients’ enterprise value as well as helping clients with corporate finance needs by bringing expertise and experience, talents, and networks to deliver tangible results. We do participate actively and are compensated with fees and equity positions in the projects we participate. From the moment of our engagement, IFG actively advises and/or drives the processes as required by clients and work with C-level executives as the “virtual Chief Investment Officers (CIO’s)” or relevant leadership of the project.


IFG’s Principals and Associates have a long and successful track record and have produced bankable gains for investors, funding sources, companies, and management teams in the U.S, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and around the world:


Financial Consulting and Advisory Services


IFG offers intelligent financial consulting and advisory services, ranging from advising corporate clients on feasibility studies, pre due diligence analysis, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, to assisting with the establishment of joint ventures and advising on private, public and private public partnerships (PPP) financings. Some of the most salient IFG Financial expertise areas are:

  • Budgeting & financial forecasting/risk-reward-return analysis
  • Cash flow and equity building analysis
  • Bank & investor negotiations
  • Strategic relationship building
  • Profit improvement strategies
  • Financial systems review
  • Direct, indirect and induced business and economic development analysis

IFG consulting and advisory teams  have significant experience in a wide range of transactions, successfully completing complex deals under varying industry, geo political-market conditions and in a number of trans-border and international settings. When needed, we bring in the targeted domain expertise of our industry's top executives, investors, leader and professionals.


Structured Financing and Lending


IFG facilitates a wide range of local to global investment partners' lending and investing capabilities to our clients, regardless of their size, footprint and or global location and reach.


IFG has successfully advised and consulted for small, medium  and large companies against traditional and nontraditional flexible securities and assets. We understand our industry and thus, can create frameworks and risk reducing strategies arranging deal-optimized structured financing.

This expertise related and  includes,but is not limited to, cross-border asset financing, equipment trust certificates (ETC/EETC)’s, aircraft-asset leasing, securitization, asset backed securities and general structuring of cash flows, which yield assets and liabilities structures designed to achieve an optimal financing outcome.


We are compensated directly, through placement fees, from equity positions in our participated projects and from capital gains produced through our direct involvement in creating and sustaining value.


Deal Structuring


For over two decades IFG  Principals and its Associates have been working with a variety of well funded investment partners.


Thus, IFG can efficiently arrange and structure, amongst others, placements of financing whether equity, debt and mezzanine platforms.


IFG approaches every projects small, medium and large with the same exacting methodology and world class standards. We deliver results that are industry leading and bankable for all stakeholders involved, including ourselves, via IFG Capital, thus, becoming a risk sharing partner in every project,  for instance:


Equity Securities

  • Private Placements Documentations (PPM’s) of Preferred & Common Stock
  • Convertible Preferred Equity
  • Venture and Seed Capital Equity
  • Private Placements of Preferred & Common Stock for Public Companies (PIPEs)
  • SIngle Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC)

Debt securities

  • Senior
  • Asset Based & Cash Flow
  • Working Capital
  • Mezzanine/Subordinated & Junior
  • Convertible
  • Public & Private Registered Offerings