Education must yield personal and collective sustainable success, there is simply no other way in our globally connected planet.

At InterFlight Global, we believe without a doubt, that the prosperity of mankind and the planet we live in is predicated on an ever increasing level of education at all social levels an across all disciplines, intellectual knowledge and social-spiritual values. Education must yield personal and collective sustainable success, there is simply no other way in our globally connected planet.

The evolution and success of the aviation, aerospace and space industries, is no exception, depending more than most industries on superb education, research and innovation. Aerospace Schools and Universities, such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, IFG’s Aerospace Education and MBA Alma Mater, to equip young professionals with robust knowledge, social and ethical principles to contribute to the aerospace industry’s job market, excel and succeed.


Aerospace academic leaders also enable programs for established professionals to stay on the leading edge by engaging in academic recurrent training and continuing education programs along their careers. Last and most importantly, education leaders are giving ample venues for those who have reached their productive and intellectual apex, to revert their wisdom to the young students of Aerospace and Aviation, as faculty, mentors, lecturers or simply friends of Aerospace education.

Not by chance, Embry-Riddle is IFG’s chosen educational institution for all of us to give back our knowledge and wisdom to up and coming students. The industry and IFG benefit as well from the solid stream of interns, young consultants, expert advisors, and industry leading partners, and it will remain IFG’s trusted educational partner for years to come.